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COLUBRIS.pro push and pull Bitcoin API


Unconfirmed and confirmed transactions for a given address (including support for multisig and P2SH addresses)


Query confirmation level of a given transaction in the P2P network. You can also query about any historical transaction.


Notification about new block discovery and confirmation by the network. You can also query about any historical block.

Cryptocurrency 2.0

Support for Counterparty and Colored coins coming soon


Minimal Time to Market

Easy to use and flexible API

Highly Available infrastructure

Redundant data stores, built for concurrent access

Free for no-warranty (as is) use

Purpose-built API, dedicated team & SLA in commercial contracts

Dedicated APIs

With demanding and sophisticated customers we work on dedicated APIs and bitcoin solutions (eg for provably fair gaming & distributed voting).

Technology facts

150GB+ MongoDB
Scalable infrastructure with
many HA nodes
Java enterprise-grade
backend software